A report released just this week from the Department of Internal Audit has uncovered that the Obama’s are still spending taxpayer money.

They are utilizing a loophole within the president’s pension plan which allows for some purchases on a presidential expense account. However, it isn’t clear on if these expenses are truly legal.

The findings show that so far this year, Michelle Obama has spent over $250,000 of taxpayer money on clothing to make her “look more feminine.”

One jacket alone, made by Dolce & Gabbana had a price tag of $53,130 and the bag, also from Dolce & Gabbana cost $1,630. Other items on the expense report include $1,150 strappy sandals, $225 jeans, a $13,000 Hermes Birkin bag, and a $9,600 Michael Kors suit.

Mike Sweeney, director of internal audit says of the discovery:

“We’ve never seen this level of frivolousness and greed. Mrs. Obama has completely taken advantage of a loophole in a way we’ve never seen in the history of the United States. We must act now to put a stop to this never-ending spending spree.”

Just like when her husband was in office, Michelle is using government money as her own personal piggy bank. It’s shameful.

While the clothing purchases were the largest expenses, the blank checks don’t end there.

The former first lady also submitted receipts for reimbursement for wigs, jewelry, food, $1,000 worth of alcohol, and several “enhancement” devices (whatever those are).

We were unable to reach the former president and his wife for comment as they are currently in Kenya for the annual Obama family reunion.

Much of the wardrobe was purchased for the joyous occasion.

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