Liberals who are military leaders have taken advantage of the protest movement and are banning the confederate battle flag from military installations, ships, bases, etc. The Marines and Navy have already banned the flag, the Air Force and Army will be making their announcements about the flag shortly.

The last remaining holdout for the confederate flag is Space Force, which really isn’t a thing just yet and most who would be in Space Force wouldn’t fly the stupid thing anyway. You have to be extremely intelligent to have anything to do with space, and smart people wouldn’t have anything to do with a flag that was flown by a defeated military.

People who aren’t in the military and wouldn’t even be anywhere near qualified are outraged. Take Joe Barron, who lives in Myassstinks, Mississippi. Despite being over 50 years old and over 500 pounds, he’s extremely outraged.

He also would have never thought of joining any branch of the military, as his career in cashiering was really taking off and he was making $5.50 an hour. That’s big money down in southern Mississippi. Barron complained they were taking his heritage away, even though if you did a search, the closest any of his relatives came to fighting for anything was in 1932 and they fought over a dead hog and more recently in 1983 when there was a family war over who was married to who’s sister.

Most people don’t even understand why the flag would have been flown in the first place on any military installation, considering the people who fought for that flag were soundly defeated and embarrassed. At one point, General Sherman was burning their homes down for something to do, as the confederate army gave up quicker than the French would have.

The main reason behind banning the confederate flag is because it makes black soldiers uncomfortable because of what that flag stands for. Contrary to lies about “heritage,” it’s not the original battle flag and was raised to show opposition to desegregation. So yeah. It’s racist. We all know that. Let it go now.

Is this much ado about nothing or is it an attack on freedom? Are military members who want to fly the flag of defeat and embarrassment being denied of their rights? If only there was a code that we could look up about this very subject so that we could know!


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