It is well known that President Trump and his Vice Presidential running mate in the very successful trouncing of his opponent “Crooked” Hillary Clinton in 2016. Since that time the two men have not always seen eye to eye. For example, Mr. Pence does not think that the President spends as much time in a House of Worship as he needs to.

VP aid Sandy Batt says Mr. Pence considers the President to be a friend, but he should attend more often than he does and this is causing a rift. that. Ms. Batt explains that Mr. Trump is a godly man, perhaps more-so than his Vice President and VP Pence is a little jealous at the attention that the President receives from religious leaders from all over the world.

“I don’t need to go to the church. The church comes to me. I am the church. I am that I am.” Mr. Trump told Mr. Pence after an afternoon of the laying of hands and speaking in tongues. “Now if you will excuse me Mike, Paula and I need to do our private session, so I must finish reciting the Leviticus passages in private, so please shut the door behind you.”

Paula is Paula White who is Trump’s personal spiritual advisor, sort of a personal trainer for the soul.

Replacing the current Vice President in this election is a risky venture, but a private poll of Trump supporters shows that the favorability rating of the President’s most trusted advisor Stephen Miller, the genius architect of removing the children from their parents brought them into our country illegally from Mexico. Immigration and border security policies of Miller far exceeds that of Mr. Pence by a 2 to 1 margin. It’s very possible that there could be a change at the top.


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