Ah, cake – that tantalizingly gooey deliciousness that is the pinnacle of creation for every aspiring pastry chef in the world. And so it is for Nancy Pelosi. She loves having her cake and eating it, too. In fact, here’s a picture of her blowing out the candle on one:


And so it would seem that Nancy Pelosi got what she wanted yesterday: lots and lots of cake. Here’s a picture of her eating cake:

Well. it looks more like she’s eating a doughnut or a sammich, but you get the idea. Anyhow, congratulations on having made it this far through the article! As a reward, click on the cheesecake below for a delicious recipe from celebrity Chef Samantha Needham. One of Nancy’s favorites!

And now we finally come to the point of this article: there is none. If you are a tater and have actually made it this far, please let your fellow taters know that it always helps to read beyond the headlines. Blindly commenting on a headline without reading the content of the article makes you look like, well, a tater.

Just because a headline makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and tickles your confirmation bias gland does not mean the article is true or has anything whatsoever to do with the headline. Just like this article! If you are not a tater, I sincerely thank you for your time and patience to read this. Joe Barron would be proud.


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