The Democratic party is facing serious financial issues, and it all ties to the upcoming election this year. Sources say that these are unlike any financial issues they’ve ever had in the past. The money flow, it seems, is a problem. There’s an issue with the cash on hand the democratic party has

Party leader Sandra Batt spoke to us but didn’t want to go on record. She said she’s never seen this kind of problem before, and she’s been in democratic politics for over 50 years. She said this is almost unbelievable and unheard of. Cash on hand had never been like this, and it’s worrisome. The democrat party is facing a challenge as nobody has ever seen before.

Totals coming in from fundraising and private donors seem to be the issue here. Money that is used to finance campaigns and tv ads, social media buys, and other ways of reaching out to voters hasn’t been like this in many years. Democrats are in disbelief. What are they to do at this point with the election four months away???

The problem is that so many people have donated to the Biden campaign and other democrats that they have a major amount of cash. It seems that so many people want to get rid of Donald Trump that they’re throwing money at the DNC. Biden has outraised Trump 2 to 1. There’s so much money in the DNC coffers that they’ll be able to fund democrats through 2022.

Trump has been such an unmitigated disaster that the fundraising has become easy…. almost too easy. But they aren’t resting on their laurels. They are going to ensure Trump is soundly defeated in November and red hat-wearing Trumpsters will be crying all the way to Inauguration Day. They are determined to get the vote out and get it out in numbers of which the likes have never been seen. 

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