A gathered mob of anti-forced birth protesters has morphed into a riot in front of the house of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his delightful, beautiful family this afternoon.  Police are warning citizens not to come within fifty feet of the area for their own safety.

Uh oh. They called in the A-Team. Look, there’s Murdock.

At least, that’s what you’re probably hearing while watching Fox News.  The network is now actively skewing the small and fairly insignificant story into a tale to enrage their moldy white viewer base.  This is largely due to the lack of news to actually get out and report, save more of the same from the Ukraine.

A cursory look at even THEIR own video of the protests at the houses shows perhaps one to two hundred people, marching, chanting, and generally acting just how protesters do.  Conservatives are calling to have them jailed, like they do everyone else, because they don’t understand the constitution, never read it, and likely impregnate raccoons.

Joe Barron, a protester from Queefergust Valley, New Mexico, relays the thug’s mindset.

“This is about keeping the government out of women’s vaginas, pure and simple.  Kavanaigh and his friends on the SCOTUS want Biden, Trump, DeSantis, hell, even Pelosi face first in those vaginas.  We say no.  Not in those vaginas.  No way.”

In the eyes of Fox News, OAN, and the bastard news crapper Newsmax, the gathered group is waking neighbors, breaking windows, and probably even shitting in flower beds.  Senator Ted Cruz, locked in complete douchebag mode, called it “worse than January 6th in Washington.”

The Senator also thinks “The Eternals” movie was “not long enough.”

You know what is worse than January 6th?  The stability of a table supporting a lie-detector attached to Senator Ted Cruz.  Lock him up.

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