A report out of Florida finds that more registered sex offenders work for Disney than any other company in the state by a nearly 14-to-1 margin.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who commissioned the study, says the findings are just terrible and that he’s making arrangements to have the company removed from the Sunshine State.

How is it that a children’s park could possibly have that many registered sex offenders working there? It’s simple. With their liberal policies, they allow anyone to work there. That means illegals, gays, and pedophiles where this reporter comes from.

According to a recent poll, nearly 72 percent of Disney employees described themselves as “liberal,” which is just another word for “loves the kiddies.” The poll found that those who disagreed with the woke philosophy were often stubborn about change, most likely due to their own sexual abuse as a child.

What does that even mean, patriots? Did Uncle Chest’s secret really do that much harm? Were the weekends spent hiding from Grandpa in the fruit cellar really so bad?

It’s not dad’s fault he drank, patriot. It’s yours. So now do the right thing and project that hate onto your political enemies where it belongs.

God bless America.

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