Were you shocked and somewhat upset by the sudden firing of Fox News host Tucker Carlson the other day?  Who wasn’t?  It all came down to corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch, the 92-year old Australian billionaire who’s in charge of the network.

Or did it?

92 is a ripe old age for the star entrepreneur, and he’s been considering his legacy, and has already made plans to leave everything to his two sons to run, Joeseph Barron and Lewis Colon Murdoch.  Which would be fine, except for the tiny rub involved, known as their wives.

Both boys got married at a fairly young age to a pair of tree-hugging Suess-cancelling liberals, Sandra Batt, and Lisa Pais.  Both women have been extremely vocal about their disgust for the conservative lifestyle and Tucker personally.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the call canning the conversationalist came from Joe Murdoch’s number.  Did the kids shitcan Tucker because of their liberal wives?

Thousands of conservatives across the internet seem to agree with this idea, and are sickened by it.  Poor Carlson had just recently purchased a brand new Bentley as well as an Indonesian child.  What will become of them now?

Whatever the facts are, and let’s make no mistake, there aren’t any here – consequences are brutal and unfeeling.  I guess for the first time in his life, Tucker is going to have to grow up and take responsibility for his lying mouth.

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