Oh, Elon Musk, you wascally wapscallion you.

This week, the Twitter-owning trillionaire has his cash sights set on a new target.  A giant corporation that’s lost it’s way, spoke out against common sense, and is pro-grooming.  That’s right.  Disney.

Now how Disney, the entire corporation, went from simply commenting against governor Ron DeSantis’s “Don’t say gay” law in order not to be exclusionary, as any company would be, to evil pedophile “groomers”, which is Trump-speak for “abusers”, I have no idea.

“Seems like a whole bunch of fuckery to me, boys.”

It’s almost – dare I say it – Q-like in it’s extreme conservative boomer bullshittiness.  Just when you think the right wing can’t get even more insipid and mentally ill, they go ahead and start farting into Ziploc bags.

At any rate, Elon Musk made a statement to media this afternoon that only Sandy Batt of the Queefburg Press heard because the announcement was made from inside a giant Tesla made out of ice.  From her notes:

“I am stopping by Disney in Orlando sometime next week to make them an offer.  Yes, I still have money left.  I have all the money.  Money money money, that’s what I like.  I’m going to buy Disney, and all those child-hating GROOMERS will be gone.  Light em up.”

Disney CEO Bob Chapek made a brief statement about the preening twit from atop a giant throne in his diamond encrusted vagina room.

“He what?  Oh.  Musk.  Whatever.  Hah.  Go get me a bag of Funyuns doll.”

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