The Budweiser Light controversy has really exploded, and now billionaire and Twitter Master Elon Musk is getting in the fray.  Musk was invited to the 5th annual Le Douche Fete, a massive party in Paris, France for the world’s top entrepreneurs and personalities, and reporters immediately surrounded him, peppering questions.

America’s Last Line of Defense sent investigative journalist Joe Barron to the event, and he flashed Musk with possibly, the most important question that’s on the minds of millions of people right now.

“Mr. Musk!  When you took over Twitter and lost billions of dollars and became the second richest man in the world as a result, is all of it because you’re a dumbass conservative doorknob humper?”

Musk nodded as the question was asked and laughed.

“You know, Bud Light is a shitty beer anyway.  It really is.  It’s just water with some hops and berries in it, or some shit.  Now excuse me.  Some very nice Nazis in the corner want to speak to me.”

And there you have it.  Elon Musk sharing just about everybody’s opinion on Bud Light.  What a controversial flap, huh guys?  We’ll just put a nice little blue checkmark next to his name.  That’s a good boy.

Hey, has anyone ever seen White Noise 2?  I know White Noise didn’t need a sequel, but it stars Nathon Fillion and it’s really good.  Check it out sometime.  Okay.  Fallis out.




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