The leader of a Muslim women’s group has been making waves recently in Dearborn, Michigan when she went very public with their support for President Trump and condemnation of the liberal party. According to Maysoon Faqir-Anas, it was only a logical choice to form her group, Aloo Akbar For Trump.

“We’re naturally conservative people. We share many of the same beliefs as our Conservative Christain friends. Jesus is a prophet in our holy book as well, ya know. Allah is simply the Arabic word for God.

“So anyway, we know that America was founded on the word of God and the laws are based on Gods laws. How else would people learn right from wrong without the word of God? Liberals don’t get that. They’re atheists and heathens who want an immoral world.”

Our field reporter, Gerard DeTater and I listened intently as the other women, who were working their Freedom Fries kiosk downtown to raise funds for Trump’s campaign, explained why they feel Trump is their Chosen One. “He treats his wives the way women should be treated”, one quipped. “He just gets it.” chimed another from under an American flag wrapped around her head as a burka.

Indeed, they had a long list of why they will always vote Republican. They don’t believe in abortion for any reason. God’s will is what it is. They believe women should take a more submissive role to men, just as things were in the good old days when America was less liberal and more great. They feel that God’s laws are above man’s laws, they want prayers back in school and gay marriage banned.

When asked if they want pork removed from all menus, they laughed. “A silly and rude question,” Faqir-Anas says. “What other people put in their bodies is their business.” So they have the conservative hypocrisy thing down. Which is nice.

As we walked away from the kiosk, they chanted: “Aloo Akbar! Potatoes are the greatest!” It really was the best freedom fried taters this side of Michigan. We wish them all the best in their quest to unite their world behind Trump and save America from the free-for-all liberals.


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