Every year at tax time there is an option on the tax return to fund presidential campaigns. Millions of people opt to use that as a campaign donation. It’s said that there is $17 million in that account, alone.

However, Democrats aren’t satisfied with that. Oh no.

Nancy Pelosi has decided the best plan is to take money from Medicare and fund Joe Biden’s campaign, in a highly illegal move.

“In the best interest of our country, we must step in and make sure Joe defeats Trump this November. This is why I’m taking $96 Million from the medicare budget and putting it directly into Joe’s campaign. We must save America. The American people will get their money back after Joe wins the election.”

So, what will seniors do for medical care? How will this work? With Medicare basically bankrupt after this transaction, who will be paying those medical bills?

People need healthcare and the only way to keep that intact for our seniors is for everyone to pay in, and those in need take out. That’s how it works! Nowhere in any of that is there room for taking money for presidential campaigns or any number of other Democrat pet projects.

Joe Barron, who is the director of Medicare on Capitol Hill says:

“I’ve been trying to fight this with everything we’ve got. Unfortunately, Nancy has control over the house, which means she has all of the keys. She’s got access to that vault and she slipped in there last night, filling duffles full of money. There was no way to stop her.”

Nancy Pelosi caught in the act, robbing the medicare vault.

It’s reported she even had a little bandit mask on and smelt of elderberries.

For the love of all humanity, this is just so wrong.


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