Nancy Pelosi isn’t even hiding it anymore. According to her own aids, the drunken Speaker of the House is now having mimosas at the podium for breakfast, rum and Coke for lunch, and straight vodka in between:

“Her oranje Juice is more champagne than orange juice, and she doesn’t even use American rum for her lunch drinks.

“The worst is that cup of water you see sitting there all day. She’s drinking straight vodka.”

According to House rules, no member can imbibe alcohol while the chamber is in session. The rule, however, was specifically changed to exclude the Speaker shortly after the 2018 election. House spokesman, Art Tubolls, says there’s nothing illegal about it:

“The Speaker has the most stressful job in Washington. She has to keep the House running, approve what the Senate will discuss, and oversee the Executive Oversight Committee. Having a few drinks isn’t something new. Newt Gingrich was known to use opiates at the podium, and Paul Ryan was a known steroid abuser. Nancy is just doing what speakers do up there. She should be commended, not vilified.”

That’s a strange take on the most powerful woman in Washington’s drinking problem, but hey…Democrats are great at spinning the truth into things that never happened, like Russian collusion and Trump’s abuse of power.

Mitch McConnell says the Senate is looking into ways to stop this morally bankrupt woman from doing any further damage to the country.


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