NASCAR bowed to the liberal left ANTIFA forces today and decided to ban the confederate flag at their events, and southern states have something to say about that. Governors of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, and Kentucky have decided to end NASCAR events in their proud southern states until NASCAR comes back to their senses.

The confederate flag is as American as apple pie, Chevrolet, crappy country music, and racism, which, is pretty much the same thing as that confederate flag stands for.

Why anyone would fly a flag of an army that was soundly defeated is beyond most people. Except for many southerners, who pretend it’s heritage when it really means they hate anyone who isn’t like them.

President Trump chimed in, saying there were very fine people on both sides of that war, especially the ones who fought under the confederate flag because they would have been dumb enough to vote for him.

Trump has said in the past that “he loves the poorly educated,” and anyone who would fly that flag and does it proudly is really poorly educated. When asked, Trump said, “Come see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!” and then compared it to his censorship on Twitter. Most are pretty bad when it comes to personal hygiene, not dating relatives, etc.

Joseph Barron and his cousin/girlfriend Sandy Batt hail from Frog Balls, Arkansas expressed their displeasure with the decision from NASCAR.

“This is hogwash!!! That done be my heritage right there, and they done stole it from me!!!!”

He exclaimed, wildly while drinking something out of a brown paper bag, his last tooth whistling in the wind, and he’s not even taking care of that one.

“I’m a ‘murican and I fly that flag to show I love it here!!! Donald Trump needs to do something about this, like something, some amendment to the absolution or something!!!” 

We are sure he meant constitution, but the stretch coming from his mouth was too much to bear.

By NASCAR banning the confederate flag, they are showing the nation that they are nothing but entitled liberals, probably getting money from George Soros and ANTIFA. Will someone think of the toothless inbred hillbillies that contribute nothing to society but ignorance and misspelled words???

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