Rosie O’Donnell is missing Trump’s attention, apparently. She was recently on the Howard Stern Show, talking about anything that will keep her relevant in the news cycle and made a statement that is infuriating patriotic Americans.

Rosie said, “Oh, I’d never watch a Nascar race. Oh no, no, no. That’s a sport that is only for those neanderthal Trump supporters. You know the type — the knuckle draggers.”

Even for the liberal elite, this statement is inflammatory and insulting. Can you imagine insulting giant swaths of people like this? It’s not like she was talking the rapists and criminals at the border. She was talking about Americans!

Joe Barron, an ardent Trump supporter, and a Ricky Stenhouse Jr. fan had this to say:

“Rosie needs to just stay in her lane. We aren’t commenting on women’s softball tournaments and we haven’t said anything about women’s soccer in ages. She needs to leave Nascar, Budweiser, and country music alone!”

Nascar fans all over the country are flying those checkered flags with pride and unity. These liberals can say what they want about us, but the fact remains, we know how to organize like no other. We have plenty of experience with rallies — lots of rallies over the ages. We shall rally behind OUR sport with lots of tiki torches, now that the NFL has gone all to HE double hockey sticks.

Oh, and forget about hockey. That’s not American. Those Canadians aren’t going to invade our land of the free with that ice sport. Please.

It’s funny how all of these people who hate the president want to insult the intelligence of the millions of people who put him in office. Apparently we have enough wit about us to get under their skin, so guess we aren’t so dumb after all. Huh?

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