Who’s laughing now? Roseanne Barr, that’s who. NBC is interested in her new sitcom. CBS already offered her $100 million, so the execs over at the National Broadcasting Company had to up the ante.

According to CEO Joe Barron, that meant hitting them with an offer for $150 million. “We’re confident they’ll take it,” said Barron, “it’s a solid offer.”

The show will reportedly be co-produced by Tim Allen and may or may not include Scott Baio, Kevin Sorbo, and ousted Mandalorian Actress Gina Carano. “We wanted Darlene to be pretty,” said Allen.

The former cast of “Roseanne” will have nothing to do with the show, with the exception of Michael “DJ” Fishman, who was recently ousted from the new show for not being “woke” enough.

According to sources who may or may not have direct knowledge of the new show and the bidding war between the networks, ABC is staying out of it in an effort to keep its current show alive. “If we bought Roseanne’s new show it would crush “The Conners,” no matter how good a story it would make on ALLOD.”

Fox was originally interested but they wanted her to reboot the original show with a new cast. “I’m looking to be the woman I am,” said Roseanne, “that show was the woman I was before Reddit.”

Hopefully, Roseanne finds her new home soon so we patriotic Americans can start enjoying her basic brand of humor once again.


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