Biological male Lia Thomas is about to pay dearly for her decision to cheat women out of their swimming titles. 2nd-place winner Sandra Batt from the University of Michigan has filed suit against Thomas for $4.2 million. Batt says Thomas owes her that and a lot more in damages.

Thomas, who broke records every time she got in a pool, was a mediocre male swimmer before switching sides one day and deciding to be a woman. At 6-7. 245 pounds, Thomas was unmatched at the NCAA National Championships.

She won gold in 11 events, only allowing one other swimmer to win one, because she “didn’t feel like competing” at the moment. Thomas completed the nearly impossible 26,000-meter freestyle in just under 6 minutes.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said swimming expert Thornton Mellon, “she just dominated the whole thing. I’m glad she wasn’t around when I was a diver.”

The suit was filed in federal court in Kentucky and will be heard in the NCAA’s home state of Nebraska. Thomas, who swims for the University of Pennsylvania at Hershey, lives in Montana but grew up in Louisiana. Batt has never left Michigan except to swim.

Vegas has Batt as the clear winner at 60-to-1 odds.


  1. Stacy Vogel

    HE is a cheater, not a she. Stop degrading women by calling men with mental illness playing dress up a she.

    • Charles Narbe

      I agree with you 100% but until you women stand up against this it will not change. If I was a woman I would be marching and boycotting every event. Until all these athletes just stop at the starting line and speak their voices and refuse to compete. REFUSE TO COMPETE!!!!

  2. Raymond

    This girl should also sue the NCAA as well for even allowing this travesty. Also get as many other girls to join you in your suit. I am sure Riley Gaines might join you.

  3. Kevin

    There are so many thing factually wrong that I cannot believe the article at all. Find me another source reporting this lawsuit.

  4. Efren

    Thornton melon knows what he’s talking about. He was the master of the triple lindy 😏

  5. Hal Bazarr

    She should sue the organization that allowed this too

  6. He should never had been allowed to swim against women and I hope the young lady win her suit against Thomas and every thing else won as claiming to be a woman should be stripped from him and as a media outlet here why do you call him a her he’s not!

  7. LOVE that Sandra is doing this!! SOMEONE has to take a stand against what is morally right! He should have NEVER been able to even compete! Let’s keep some things sacred in this world of crisis. Amen!

  8. David

    26000 meters in 6 minutes? I call bullshit. That figures to over 16 miles. Fake news.

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