LSU came up big against Iowa in the NCAA Women’s basketball tournament. Unfortunately, their big win was marred by a disgraceful move by one of their players.

Angel Reese made a waving hand gesture at Caitlin Clark of Iowa and then pointed to her middle finger. The internet became very upset and the NCAA had no choice but to respond.

League Chairwoman Josephine Barron said she can’t imagine a situation that would make it okay for Reese to do what she did. “When you’ve been given the chance to play sports, most likely professionally, you should be grateful and behave,” she said.

Some have pointed out that Clark made the same gesture at LSU players earlier in the game and that she had been trash-talking and making the gesture throughout the tournament. “That’s different,” said Barron, “we’re not really sure why, but it just is.”

Reese lost her shot at playing next season and may have to resort to joining the Russian league in Britney Griner’s place.

Clark told the press before the game that her taunting other players was all part of the game and that she didn’t mind when others did it to her. She also very publicly ignored the gestures rather than responding, because she knew that she deserved every bit of it. “Still, she can’t be black and do that,” said Barron, “so she’s out.”

That’s the way it goes, patriots. Go woke go broke. God Bless America.

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