We’ve all been subjected to the latest round of liberal outrage and cancel culture that’s been winding through the news cycles lately.  The state of Georgia, in a desperate bid for respecting the integrity of their elections has enacted new legislation aimed only at making sure those who vote are legal, alive, properly registered, and properly Caucasian.

Just like these alabaster heroes intended.

This simple common-sense narrative, combined with some harmless outright racially-biased and unconstitutional requirements has led to many major corporate giants like Major League Baseball and Delta Airlines denying their business to the peach mecca of America.

Now the cast of the nation’s number one television program, CBS broadcasting’s “NCIS” has joined in, with star Mark Harmon leading his fellow thespians in a movement to cancel all future filming and broadcasting in Georgia, which is estimated to lose the state and it’s residents over 800 quintillion dollars in revenue.  That’s no small potatoes.

Actress Sandy Batt who plays the part of Abby Scuito on the program, explained why she and her castmates decided to take on this effort and possibly alienate many cobwebbed old boomer fans.

“We, as a group, and as the cast of a popular show, have always strived to combat racism and unfairness whenever we see it.  Everyone knew that the Republicans would use Trump’s lying to push through laws allowing them to cheat.  This is only the first.  It’s aimed at black Democratic voters because those are the ones who came out in force for Biden.”

“The election of 2020 had absolutely no fraud involved.  It was what happened when enough Americans were finally motivated to save their country from the most destructive and incompetent President in history.  They know this.  And racist obsolete culture is all they have.  It’s time to reject them once and for all.  Fu*k Georgia.  Fu*k It right up it’s ass.”

“Challenge accepted!”

Rumors are beginning to circulate that other shows and networks may follow suit.  It sounds like a bunch of old crusty racists down south are gonna be stuck watching videotapes of Mama’s Family for quite awhile.

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