Alex Soros just became one of the most powerful people on the planet. With $25 billion in known cash and a reported $3 trillion hidden in shell companies across the globe, Soros is poised to start making decisions on a worldwide scale.

His first move, which he chose to make public, was to donate $200 million to The Satanic Temple. “It’s a wonderful organization that stands up for basic human rights,” he said.

Is it a donation? Or is it an “Offering?” There are some who argue that Soros is paying the Devil himself to help him rule the world.

“It’s not cheap to be a high-ranking member of the Temple,” said its founder, Joe “Lucien” Barron, “To sit amongst us with His Evilness is a right saved for the most powerful. What He allows us to give, however, changes lives.”

Satanism has gained in popularity among the woke movement, as the immoral pedophiles who won’t love Donald Trump unconditionally move away from the Almighty Lord and settle for second-best.

Sure, Hell may sound appealing to people who believe Satan is actually the good guy in the Bible and God was the oppressive douchebag of a father. But he’s no Kendall Roy. The people who know him don’t hate him as much as those who don’t.

The bottom line is, Satan is bad, and so is anyone named Soros. God Bless America.

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