If you’re looking for a show that has it all, look no further. Roseanne Barr, after winning a huge settlement and dismembering “The Conners,” is working on a new show with “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen.

The new show will feature the pair in a platonic relationship in Sandusky. She’ll own a cheap bar that doesn’t cater to out-of-towners and he’ll be a retired cop whose wife left him for her golf instructor.

Producers say Barr is working diligently to get Jon Voight to fill the role of casting director to lend some weight and name recognition to the conservative cast she’s looking for.

“We already have several reliable stars lined up for this thing,” said the show’s spokesperson, Joe Barron, ” Kevin Sorbo and Scott Baio are both in and Kid Rock will be making appearances and writing the theme song with Ted Nugent.”

Roseanne says she wants to put together a whole host of guest stars like Patricia Heaton, Kirk and Candace Cameron, Joel Osteen, and Gina Carano. “I want to do a whole tribute to Duck Dynasty,” she said.

The pilot is already in the works. According to head writer Art Tubolls, The series will open with a small group of outsiders accusing Roseanne of being a racist for being rude and telling them she “doesn’t serve their kind.” Shortly after, Candace Owens enters, impeccably dressed, hair straightened, and extremely well-spoken, and gives her “racist” friend Roseanne a huge hug.

“It’s not gonna be for leftists,” said Roseanne, “and nobody cares if they don’t like it.”

It’s a bold move, Roseanne. God Bless you for trying, and God Bless America.


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