It was bound to happen. Over the past few years, The View has been shrinking in the ratings, all the while becoming more controversial and difficult to swallow. The show’s lead, Whoopi Goldberg, was voted the most disliked person in the entertainment industry.

“We can’t allow them to keep taking that premium time slot,” said Executive Content Director Joe Barron, “not while Roseanne Barr is gearing up to kick in at the same time next fall. She’ll clobber us.”

There’s no word yet on what would replace the show, but some have suggested a more food-friendly and less political theme for a change. “It’s right before lunch,” said Shirly from Pahrump, Nevada, “It would be nice to have some recipes instead of a Joe Biden Love-In.”

Shirley’s concerns are valid. 78 percent of respondents said they’d rather see an hour of paint drying than an hour of the show in its current form.

The poll was conducted by the Citizens United National Trust Society and consisted of 1500 Americans over the age of 65 who enjoy conservative politics and Sean Hannity. It has a 31 percent margin of error.

If food is what people want, they might want to head over to Rosie’s new show. There’s a rumor starting right now that she’ll be having regular visits from Gordon Ramsay, who taters think is on their side thanks to our very own Fallis Gunnington.

God bless America.


  1. nic

    Can’t comment on the accuracy of the cancellation but a food show would be a great replacement. I used to love The Taste before Bartali ruimed everything.

    • Andrew Worrell

      yes as long as its food we all can make easily not crazy exotic stuff like Rachal Ray has become.

  2. Mel Sellers

    Until ABC CBS NBC MSNBC and all the other criminal DNC ass kissing foolish people are shut down, I won’t be watching any of their child molesting content.
    Bunch of anti American athiest.

  3. Joz Lee


  4. Nick Pidoulas

    Just put up some old movies to fill the slot instead of these insanely boring shows. ffs !

  5. Bruce O'Brien

    They should replace the view with INFOWARS!!!

  6. stpaulchuck

    you sure that’s not from The Onion??

    And BTW, where are all the clapping seals going to go now? Ellen degenerate is gone. The Harpies of The Spew are (supposedly) going. Wow, what’s a room temperature IQ welfare queen going to do for entertainment? I suppose they can go down to the bakery and by a couple cakes and a couple dozen bear claws to comfort themselves.

  7. Lyudmila

    Farewell forever, losers! you did everything to lose.

  8. Sam

    I can feel the ambient mood becoming more buoyant already!

  9. Richard Leggett

    Not true. Just another MAGA lie.

  10. Janis Nunyabizness

    Liars. Not everyone will fall for your bullshit.

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