Megan Rapinoe’s career took a downturn as a result of a series of unfortunate events. Her decision to kneel during the National Anthem and a missed goal at The World Cup cost her valuable endorsements and the potential for a successful broadcasting career after retirement.

Now, she faces a challenging job market, expressing to her friend Joanne during a recent mahjong meet that she may have to declare federal bankruptcy and sell her home.

This situation appears to align with the saying “you reap what you sow,” or the notion of “go woke, go broke.” Rapinoe has experienced significant losses and may soon be forced to become a renter.

She’s exploring potential job opportunities, including positions at discount furniture stores or car dealerships, but even those may not provide sufficient income to maintain her California lifestyle.

It’s a harsh reality for her after relocating to the West Coast, a region sometimes criticized for its homelessness problems, which are symbolically depicted by a man without a shirt and with a bushy beard defecating on public sidewalks.

Other cities like Philadelphia also grapple with public drug use, while Massachusetts, known for its liberal policies, has enacted laws aimed at preventing police from unjustly harming citizens. Rapinoe may find herself experiencing the difficulties faced by those residing in homeless encampments next to individuals like the mentioned “poo guy.”


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