Country music superstar artist Garth Brooks has been on the receiving end of a lot of bad karma recently.  His prized and much lauded bar closed in a manner of weeks after opening, (Probably owing to Bud Light’s problems), his Hall of Fame induction has been revoked, and to top it all off, his PlayStation 4 controller won’t register the “X” button.

Now, however, on a more serious note, he’s been given the boot by a dead man’s foot.

Former country music friend and contemporary Toby Keith has passed away this week, and in the sad run-up to his funeral arrangements, has left a specific request in his last will and testament.

Do NOT invite Garth Brooks.

Professional hairdresser and sister-in-law to Keith’s wife, Sandy Batt, says that there was quite a bit of bad blood between the two during Toby’s last days on the planet.

“The story starts, as most of these adversarial ones do, with Trump.  See, Toby was a big supporter of the former twice impeached fatty, and Garth didn’t like that at all.  They got into a huge argument about it, which led to a karate fight, and Brooks used that ‘Karate Kid’ kick.  Poor Toby was in the hospital for weeks.”

With no time yet set for his memorial service or funeral arrangements, the Keith family is still in a fresh mourning state.  Which I suppose is better than a fresh morning hardon.


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