Once a shoo-in for a run for a future Democratic Presidential nomination, New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo is playing defense after a scandalous report nailed the leftist for underreporting the number of Covid-19 deaths suffered in the state’s nursing homes.

Guess what? It’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

He did a great job of getting a handle on the vaping crisis though. How many Dennis Rodmans can we afford to lose, America?

If you’re not getting used to the radical left blaming the former President for everything ever by now, I’d advise you to get into a crash position and get a good tight grip on your yank rod or squish mitten. You’re going to have your fill of it within the next four years.

According to New York’s Secretary of Derpitude Sandra Batt, Cuomo contends that reporting the true numbers of anything whatsoever in the past has never made a difference to Trump, and would have made no difference then. Trump and his “confederacy of dunces”, she contends, were stupid with numbers.

“Basically, nothing in general that portrayed the death rate of the Trump Plague ever even made it to his ears anyway.  He never read daily briefings.  He never cared.  He left everything about his incompetent handling of the pandemic to the governors instead of showing any leadership at all.  What would he do to help?  Send water bottles and pick the old people’s pockets?  Andrew is just saying not to blame him for a deadly disease that Trump’s idiocy let spread.”

The governor echoed his representitive’s statements in an interview with his brother and CNN mouthpiece Chris Cuomo after they discussed who their mom liked better and how much they both love trees and that sort of liberal claptrap.

“Hey, I like trees. They’re what I make mother’s bathing ladles out of.”

Although polls show the majority of Americans don’t entirely blame Cuomo’s administration for lying to the disgraced former President, since that’s the only language he understands, the hype may still have done irreparable damage to his Presidential ambitions.  The Trump Plague claims yet another victim.

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