Now it’s not just over the road truckers boycotting the city of New York. Now it’s trash truckers too. Even though the protest isn’t supposed to start yet, the garbage truck drivers are showing solidarity with the 45th president.

It started with one trash company, Sal’s Sanitation in Staten Island.  But it’s spread like wildfire through all the 5 boroughs of New York City. Garbage truck drivers in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens have followed suit.

Even as far away as Yonkers and the Oranges have joined in the boycott, showing support for President Donald Trump. Pretty soon White Plains sanitation service and others will join the bigger city protests.

Queens resident Joey Barron says the smell is unbearable. “I’ve been livin’ here since the 50s, and it smells just as bad as Donald Trump’s soiled adult diapers, or the L train, and they smell the same”. We didn’t ask for any examples.

“Seeing these truckers stand up for Trump is something else!” said trash trucker Sandy Batt between sips of Coors light. “Trump hasn’t paid his bills in 40 years, he ain’t gonna start now” she said, remembering that her trash company won’t pick up anything from Trump tower as their millions behind in payments.

Stormy Daniels was interviewed for this article and said the current stench in New York City from the rotting garbage reminds her of the first time Trump took his pants off. “It really is horrible, but at least they didn’t have to see a 275 pound orange man nude proudly showing off 2 inches on pale white mushroom”. We didn’t need that visual Stormy.

In any case, this would be a health hazard had any of this actually been happening. But since the city of New York has been over Donald Trump for decades, nobody truly cares. God bless America!




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