Over the weekend patriotic American truckers for Trump decided enough was enough. They saw the unfair treatment of our best President ever by the city of New York and by a liberal activist judge. And those truckers took action.

Truckers from all over America decided that New York City would not get any deliveries or pick ups. And it’s spread to the county and now the state. The entire state of New York is experiencing shortages of supplies, all thanks to patriots who have had enough!

City spokesman Joe Barron said that shoppers have nowhere to turn. “Everything is out. Food. Drinks. Gummy shaped dicks that liberals send to conservatives. It’s awful!”  Imagine the economic impact of what’s happening!!

Trucker spokesman Chicago Ray, who was doxxed by the Deep State said it’s only the beginning. The boycott will reach into New Jersey and other blue states that don’t support our 45th president. “Enough is enough!”

The boycott is really hitting the liberals where it hurts. In their empty stomachs. Nothing is safe. Not even baby formula. “Maybe these kids need to learn loyalty to America first. Your hungry kids aren’t my problem” said another trucker who displays that he is proudly Christian and pro life.

No matter what the product is, New York just isn’t getting any of it and patriots who see trucks attempting to go in are stopped in Fort Lee, New Jersey, using Chris Christie’s boxers as a barrier to all trucks.

When will this end? We don’t know. What we do know is that American patriots are not taking it lying down. More like sitting in the drivers seat downing a 6 inch subway while pissing in a bottle to throw out on the interstate. God bless these truckers and God Bless America!!!


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