The View appealed the $22 million settlement agreement they entered into freely and got laughed out of every federal court in the land. Except one. Judge Arturo Tobollsani of the 9th District Appelate Court’s Magistrate-at-Large division ruled that the settlement wasn’t entered into in good faith.

“They bamboozled Whoopi and Joy,” the judge said, using very uncommon casual language toward the women, “they had no way to object and now they do. This judgment is vacated.”

The judgment was for Kyle Rittenhouse for defamation of character and slander, which netted $2 million per instance times eleven times they called him mean names. “You can’t say someone is a murderer after they’re acquitted,” said attorney Thomas Bagger, “ask Casey Anthony. We just got her $5 million from Fox News.”

Rittenhouse can run the gauntlet up to the Supreme Court, but it would likely take him years. He’s probably better off filing again in state court and trying for a lower figure. ABC executives say they’re up for negotiation if Rittenhouse is willing, but he’s gonna need to understand that he’s unlikely to get much more than a one-year pass to Golden Corral.

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