Barack Hussein Obama, fresh off of his “Stoking the Racial Division Tour,” promoting Black Lives Matter and trashing police sat down with CNN for a hit piece on our President, Donald Trump.  Obama said, in no uncertain terms that he was “the least racist you will ever meet”.

That’s funny for him to say after everything he’s done. The beer summit. The marches. The talks. The speeches. Everyone knows that Obama did his best to divide this country while President Trump brings us together. It’s the mark of a truly great man.

Obama’s reign of terror began in 2004 as a senator, and after two stolen elections, he led the country into racial turmoil.

Presidential Historian Joseph Barron has been studying presidents for a very long time. 75 years. He saw the change too when Obama had taken office. Racial tensions were at an all-time high, and all because Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.

He’s never seen anything like it, but fears he may again. The truth is any other person of color in any position of power created racial strife. He realized that long ago, even before Barack Obama assumed the White House in 2009.

Why does that happen? Is it because people of color use their office to promote their own racial agenda? Or is it because white Americans can’t deal with it?  

There are people who still fly confederate flags and don’t understand that dating within the immediate family is wrong. And usually, it’s these mouth breathing hillbillies that scream the loudest about taking racial issues back so many years.

It’s that racist dog whistle they use to show their disapproval of anyone that doesn’t look like them. But in reality, they should be mad at a lot of people for that, most Americans aren’t toothless, unwashed Neanderthals that took fashion advice from their local dumpsters.

Barack Obama just may be the least racist person you’d ever meet while Donald Trump is literally the most racist person. But chances are, you’re a Trump supporter and simply because you think Trump looks like you, (by the way, he doesn’t, he’s orange, so unless you’re a Martian, he doesn’t look like you) you think he’s “the least racist person you’ll ever meet” and just like with everything else, you’re wrong.


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