Maren Morris, the leftist singer who recently announced she’s leaving country music, made an enemy of Oliver Anthony in the process.

“She called my music problematic and that’s not okay,” Anthony told YouTuber Joe Barron, “she slandered me and said I’m responsible for the downfall of America. I’m like…what the hell? Then, one of my concerts was canceled because they have a contract with her, so now her slander is causing me real financial harm.”

Anthony’s lawyer, Ryan J Fish of Williams, Vander, and Boom, says he’s seeking $100 million in damages but would settle for an apology and a good faith payment of $40 million instead.

“It might be the most expensive apology ever,” said Fish, “But for Oliver, it will be well worth it.

ALLOD Legalistical Analyzer Tara Newhole says Anthony’s case is rock-solid. “She said mean things about his music, no matter what the context,” Newhole reports, “She is, therefore, liable for injuries under the slander code and other legal stuff.”

It’s Tara’s first week as a legalisticator, so we’re cutting her some slack. Cynthia Luhu went on vacation to her homeland and never returned, so Tara has been filling in where she can. Skip Tetheludah went to Fox News after a stalemate at the bargaining table. We’re considering bring Sandy Batt back full-time.

One way or the other, patriots, this publification will continue to provide you with the best information for your biases, whatever they may be. God Bless America.

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