Oliver Anthony, the country singer who took the world by storm with his anthem “Rich Men North Of Richmond”, has a message for the million plus truck drivers boycotting New York City.   “I’m with you”.

Most people don’t know, but Oliver is also a CDL holder. Before his country music mega hit, he was trucking too, mostly on the farms, but did a little road trucking as well. And he feels what these truckers are saying.  Rich men north of Richmond and causing a lot of strife right now.

Oliver knows his way around trucks and the ways of truck drivers. Not only can he urinate in a soda bottle, but he can also fling it with the best of them. One story goes Oliver flung a trucker bomb so far that it ended up on the other side of the interstate.

And he’s standing with these truckers. Long time trucker Joe Barron said “I’m glad he’s standing. Most of us don’t stand, especially while driving and because we’re eating truck stop burgers and smoking 4 packs a day while chugging gut rot coffee and copious amounts of Mountain Dew, we can barely walk.

Oliver Anthony knows that truckers are a special breed. It takes a big man to park in the fuel island of a truck stop for an hour, making the cashier uncomfortable with unwanted advances from a 400 pound man who hasn’t showered in a week and wearing a confederate flag hat.

Truckers are a tough bunch. It takes a special kind of person to constantly make the worse choices and never blame yourself but always someone else. It’s also super tough to tell others you’re tough and when it’s time to chain up, go park and whine about it.

And that’s why Oliver Anthony loves truckers. Selling crap music to stupid people is big business. God bless the truckers and God Bless America!!!

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