After the verdict came down from the corrupt NYC Judge Engoron, Americans got angry. Very angry. Especially the ones you just shouldn’t anger. There are a breed of Americans that take no flak and can make things happen. And those Americans are truck drivers.

Truck drivers are the last of the American cowboys. Rough around the edges, masculine and always extremely patriotic. You can see that on their rigs adorned with American flags and patriotic sayings.  And the vast majority of truckers, 98% at least, support our true president, Donald Trump.

That’s why after the verdict came down, truckers all across America decided enough was enough. There will be no freight in or out of New York City and New York State. Over a million have pledged this and more will be joining forces to stop this injustice.

Long time trucker Joe Barron of Idaho said he will not be going to New York at all. “I mean it’s not even on my route, so I won’t be going”. Others have said they’re refusing to go. We tried interviewing others but between the stench of the truckers who weren’t showering, the ones who wouldn’t put their meth pipes down and the 4 who were tag teaming a trucker hooker we just gave up. And we’re still not sure it that was a woman.

Despite many looking like Minnie Pearl with a mustache, these guys were tough. It takes a big man with a small peen to travel down the interstate at 67 miles per hour in the left lane while pissing in a 20 ounce Mountain Dew bottle.

All of this is being organized by a twitter user named “Chicago Ray”, well known in the trucker community for waiting around in the Flying J men’s rooms to inhale unwashed for two week trucker aroma. It’s a passion and who are we to kink shame?

Will all of this boycotting happen? No. But at least 5 fat truckers will be riding around route 287 until they realize the Tappen Zee bridge gets expensive and these guys won’t have money for their favorite truck stop lot lizard, Dottie The Diesel Bull Dyke. God bless the truckers and GOD BLESS AMERICA.


  1. Ten Four

    Flag Eagleton would seep a tiny tear of totes nohomo pride.

  2. The people are speaking!! Shouting!! We have had enough! The corrupt left is a bunch of bullies liars racists bigots and just evil and we are sick of if..and the ignorant people who don’t get what’s going on !! Saying that maralargo is only worth 18000000 when its worth 100 times more than that .. is just one example of the corruption in NYC..

    • Roy

      Is this a parody account? Look, the people who read books have looked at what your hero has been doing, and found out he’s a con artist. You just don’t understand this yet. He’d going to prison babe!

  3. Gari Cross Richman

    I don’t appreciate the way you are.describing truckers! I know a lot of truckers. They are absolutely nothing like you described. You are an awful disgusting human being and obviously not a very good investigative reporter.
    As for the protest, you must not remember canada and the border. Sit back and watch.Truckers get it done!

  4. Roy

    Not very bright are you mate! 😂



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