Oprah Winfrey met Senator-Elect John Fetterman for the first time earlier and walked away very disappointed. She immediately told her closest friends that she regrets endorsing him. “I can’t believe that’s the guy I asked people to vote for.,” she said.

The meeting was casual and lasted about 45 minutes. During that time, the Girl Boss says they discussed matters of significant national importance and that Fetterman’s values are “in line with her own,” but that something just doesn’t sit quite right.

By contrast, she says she knows Dr. Mehmet Oz really well and that they’d probably do backyard cookouts together if they were typical people who did those things. The meeting with Fetterman, she noted, was at a frigid Pennsylvania cookout.

When pressed for a reason for her dislike of Fetterman, she replied that it was “difficult” to keep looking all the way up there to talk to him and that he should have “sat down and let someone else gook the steaks.” She also commented that it was “extremely tacky” for the lawmaker to wear the same hoodie he was wearing when he beat Dr. Oz along with “cargo shorts that look like they belong to some rich kid’s dad.”

Fetterman hasn’t responded but told friends: “Yeah. Mmm Hmmm. Yeah. I like her. Yeah.”


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