President Trump has faced many challenges through his first term in the White House. No other president has faced the kinds of challenges he has. Because of this, the Supreme Court has said Trump’s term could be extended, especially due to the economic losses and political consequence of massive mismanagement Preview postof the pandemic.

Joe Barron, spokesperson for the high court says:

“President Trump has had the short end of the stick when it comes to having a normal presidential term. As such, due to the pandemic immediately following impeachment, Section 3 of the 22nd Amendment should apply.”

For those unfamiliar, the 22nd Amendment lays out term limits for the president. However, Section 3 is an emergency provision, allowing for an extension of a term.

You know, this is only fair. Donald Trump has been robbed of a normal presidential term in office.

If you consider the amount of time that has been stolen from Donald Trump with the witch hunt, he deserves to be compensated with that time. It’s simple math.

His entire term has been a trainwreck.

Four more years will provide him ample time to right this ship. He has the best people in the best positions.

Kellyanne Conway made a statement thanking the Supreme Court for their fair and just American ruling:

“This is the most patriotic thing the court could do. Donald Trump has been robbed since day 1. It’s only right that he is given a fair shake and his presidency is extended to make up for the abuse he has endured.”

This hasn’t happened. Ever.

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