Have you seen them yet? The “Patriot Front?” They’re supposedly this well-organized group of paramilitary white nationalist extremists. If you ask just about anyone one the right, they’re a government plant.

“The Patriot Front is nothing but feds,” said most of Twitter, “It’s an FBI operation.”

That theory is currently playing out in real-time as one of the “member agents” as he calls himself comes clean about what the group is really about.

“Everything is a well-planned operation,” said PF 2nd Lieutenant Steve Ashbaucher, “We take our direction from someone in the Hoover building.”

That’s all the evidence anyone needs, patriots. This group of posers is an obvious false flag, with agent members across the country. It makes no sense that they would be actual militia or right-wingers, as their discipline and physiques display:

No member of the West Tallahassee Gravy Seals Militia has ever looked that good, patriots, and we train three weekends a year.

It’s also a good bet that Ashbaucher is full of crap and lives in a trailer in Indiana. We found no connection to the actual group, which isn’t just real but extremely dangerous, motivated, well-funded, and driven. All the things the common tater only has at a Trump Rally or truck flag parade. It’s probably a good idea to deny them.

was the march on DC an event staged by the FBI? So far, only one person has come forward, and it looks like he’s just some loser looking for beer money. God Bless America.


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