They have awoken the sleeping giant. The silent majority. The Patriot Party!

And, we are a force to reckon with. They just don’t know.

Several days ago, Donald J. Trump, the best president ever known to the United States of America vowed to stick by his fellow patriots and continue to fight for the underdogs. Rather than retiring to his lavish lifestyle of being a billionaire, he committed to establishing a whole new political party to save America.

Donald Trump never goes back on his word. He is known for being upfront and honest. Heck. listen to how he talks. It’s why he is so beloved. He just says it like it is.

So, this selfless man is building his own political party from the ground up. The good news for him is it’s already there, just waiting for him! In a new poll by the Dunning Kruger institute, it is estimated that the Patriot Party has an estimated membership of 85 million Americans on its first day as an established political party.

That number is larger than any other political party in the country by a long shot.

The party plans to get candidates on the ballot as early as this fall. Future candidates include the My Pillow guy, Kid Rock, Diamond, and Pepe the Frog.

Sarah Huckabee, who hs graciously accepted the position of party manager had this to say about the future:

“We are really excited about Pepe’s run for Mayor of Peckerburg, Kentucky. He stands a very real chance of winning and we couldn’t be happier about it. All of our candidates are good, God-fearing Americans who are all about God, Guns, and Gravy. Don’t forget to buy my daddy’s book at Big Lots!”

Established politicians don’t know what to think about this new party. It’s all mavericky and trailblazerish and stuff.


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