Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters are dancing mad, so mad they’ve called for a boogaloo. A boogaloo is an uprising of which the likes the left will never have seen before.

So much has been done to our Dear Leader, that they feel it’s the only way. They’ve sat and taken enough, and it’s time to show them they mean business.  Months of practice and strategizing has been in the works. And now they’re ready


They are an army, they say, and they will win. “It’s going to be like the Civil War,” says Kevin Long, a Master Sergeant in the Mashed Potato Brigade. “We’ve got the moves to win this!” Mr. Long says as he sways with the music of ABBA.

Liberals will feel the wrath of the Two-Step, the Watusi and the Twist. There’s also talk of party rock and the Chicken Dance. There is no joking around when it comes to polka.

The hardcore potatoriots are getting ready for battle, some in leather, sequins, and oversized cowboy hats. “we’re going to show them we are real men”, said one Trumpster as he was pulling on a pair of leopard print leotards. “We mean business”.

They will dance and sing and prance around in outfits meant to frighten the liberal left. They’re tired of being pushed around. “Leaving my mom’s basement after 3 years of arguing with complete strangers on Facebook about how awesome Trump is has finally paid off, I saved up all the change I found in my father’s easy chair and I’m going, we’re going to own these libs once and for all!”

The Boogaloo will take place in a liberal bastion, Austin, Texas. It’s meant to show solidarity and strength among Trump’s most hardcore supporters, the brave men who gulp down massive amounts of Mountain Dew and Cheetos while speaking truth to liberals from bedrooms far and wide.

Dance on, men, dance on.


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