Reports from the Democratic National Committee Headquarters say Nancy Pelosi has been asked to resign by party influencers. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Chuck Schumer are all rumored to be on board.

The source says a memo went out to party regulars informing them of Pelosi’s imminent cancelation. “We regret that we won’t be able to stand with Nancy,” the note read, “but when the public realizes there’s credible evidence of tampering with the investigation, we’ll ride into the midterms in a scandal.”

Republicans are demanding the House to open a full investigation. “They’ll let a witch hunt like the January 6 committee go on but they refuse to even look at Hunter Biden’s laptop or this issue,” said Rep Lauren Boebert, “We all know what’s really important, and Biden needs to let them investigate this and investigate why his gas prices are so high.”

Pelosi’s office denied the allegations that she’s being forced out, calling it “as ridiculous as the last time they wrote something about the speaker.” Shortly thereafter, we were served with notice that we may have violated a restraining order. That’s who she is, patriots. She hides behind things like “stalker” and “troll operation.”

Get a grip, Nancy. For the good of America. God Bless us all.


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