In the heat of battle with the forces of Al Queda in Iraq or Afghanistan or Micronesia, our troops have quite a bit to worry about.  If you’re in a foxhole with shelling falling and snipers peeping, it pays to be alert and as comfortable as possible.

You’ve just been sighting up an enemy combatant and your gun jams.  You’re seconds away from becoming a statistic when he suddenly falls, plugged by your buddy, just in time.  You turn.

Ensign Joe Barron smiles, dressed in a wonderful eggshell blue choker, accented with dangly purple grape earrings and an amazing violet boa scarf.  His delicious mauve lipstick parts as he whispers “Got him, sweetheart.”

“Now will you be joining me in a feast of gummi lips, handsome?”

The story is just one of a dozen in our armed forces and begs the question : Does it really matter what our soldiers look like or what their predilections are when they’re working to make sure everyone there gets out alive?  Is wearing headphones and listening to Cher a deal-breaker?

Most normal people would say “no.”  In fact, more than ten times the military budget goes towards Viagra and sexual aids than transsexual surgery.  And the $30 billion in this article is completely made up by a little dude in sweatpants and a Yankees cap.

But transsexuals.  They’re the latest boogypeople shunted out by the bigoted DeSantis crowd, right?  Anyone “different” is automatically “left” somehow and therefore the enemy.  You know, the usual big pile of horseshit.

How about not bitching about your opinion of how it’s “a mental illness” or “against the Bible”, and a little more supporting the troops here, conservatives?  You’ll look and feel amazeballs for it.

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