Speaker of the House and Draft Dodger Nancy “Fancy Pants” Pelosi is off her rocker, literally. She must be hitting the sauce again even though she claims to be a tea-totaler. How can we believe this woman when she lies all of the time, especially when she calls the greatest President a liar.

And as far as getting rid of the Veterans Administration, that’s just totally bonkers. 1st this Looney Tunes wants to do away with your Social Security and Medicare, now she wants to cut back our great men and women in uniform who protect us all over the world.

Pelosi critic Glenn Stanley spoke to us on Skype from Japanese donut and coffee shoppe where he is digging up dirt on Adam Schiff.

“Now she has this crazy notion that being in the Military is just a job where the employees eat for free, get free clothing, free medical care for life, free housing, an extra 20 points on the Post Office exam and free college. She doesn’t have a clue about what the VA does.”

Fortunately we have a great President who cares about Veterans and is smarter than most Generals and definitely smarter than “Nutcake” Nancy ever thought about being.

The reinstatement of the Draft seems to be a rash, probably drunken decision. The Speaker was overheard at a George Soros breakfast luncheon as saying “Never again will we have a Commander in Chief without the basic knowledge of the Military.” which was an obviously slam at our President who attended West Point for Boys as a youngster and graduated at the top of his class. Then she signaled to the waiter for another Mimosa before almost falling off the podium.

We need to Impeach this crazy loon as soon as possible before someone gets hurt. It could be your kids or grandkids caught in the middle of this insanity.


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