A petition is beginning to circulate among populations in New York, California, and Orlando, brought on and multiplied by internet passivity.  Starting at Choice.org and copied to several other online sites, it encourages arrest for any unvaccinated citizen.  Immediately.

The petition, when traced back by expert hackers, apparently started at a government owned website, and was promoted by Deputy Health minister of the U.K., Joseph Barron.

The petition has a long text beginning, which explains some of the reasoning behind it.  A brief except:

“How sick are we already of COVID?  Very.  And the reason it’s still here is the glut of unvaccinated Americans, the same brainless slobs who prance about in the Trump cult.  Imagine, throwing your vote away on a convicted criminal.”

“The only way to get these idiotic conspiracy nuts in some kind of line is to have them arrested for endangering the public health.  I mean, isn’t it time, after enduring years of them pretending the vaccine is some kind of killer ‘clot shot’?  Jesus, they’re ridiculously stupid.”

To date, the vaccines, in reality, have been proven to have killed nearly no one, but that doesn’t stop many people from imagining that they do.  Bringing in Bill Gates, for some reason.  Nutty.

The main avenue that these morons use as “proof” that millions upon gazillions have died is a website that allows anyone to comment or add to its list.  So, self-fulfilling paranoia.

Not to mention when anyone collapses in public, their first question is “was he VAXXED DUHHHR?”, like millions upon millions of others?  Amateur epidemiologists.  They are very very dumb.


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