If you were upset when you heard that Peyton Manning was partnering with Bud Light, you’re not alone. Millions of fans sent letters and emails to the former NFL star telling him how disappointed they were in his decision.

Manning didn’t listen. He wouldn’t back down. He took Bud Light’s money and blew off his fans.

Less than a year later, Manning has lost millions in endorsements. “Nobody calls for speaking engagements anymore,” he said, “On top of that, my autograph is now pretty much worthless.” By contrast, a Tom Brady authenticated signature is worth nearly $80K.

“I should have stuck with Papa John and my conservative roots,” Manning told ALLOD Sportsball Journalisticator Tara Newhole, “Maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Go woke go broke, Peyton. It’s a proven theory at this point. Look at the track record. Kathy Griffin: broke. Garth Brooks: broke. Alyssa Milano: broke. Soon Manning will join that club.

Manning lost his endorsements from the Joe Rogan Experience as well as Fox News’ “The Five,” which is a collection of the most trusted names in cable news, with the exception of the four or five people they regularly have on the show. “I’d like to see Kate Beckinsale,” said James Woods, for some reason. “She was so hot in Pearl Harbor. You could really see her freckles.”

She does have impressive love spots. God bless them. And God bless America.

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