Unless you’ve been living under a log in a swamp, you’ve heard about billionaire Elon Musk buying up the social media platform Twitter in order to bring what he terms :  “free speech” back.  For more than a year, many conservative members have railed against being unable to use the “N” word or promulgate ridiculous Q theories.

“Dr. Fauci is JFK’s clone! Q dropped that on MySpace! Believe!”

Now that Elon’s the Big Cheese, those dreams will roll back into reality, and Twitter will be a showcase of inane comments and horrifyingly bad misinformation.  Probably with a price tag, but nevermind that.

Liberal activist group “Code Pink”, known for their “pussy hats” and big mouth crying memes has threatened a full-on boycott of the platform, starting this May.  While it sounds silly, you may want to hear who’s involved.

Spokesperson Joe Barron read off a long list of corporations involved with the planned silence.

“First there’s Disney, obviously.  That’s pretty big.  Followed by Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, any and all musical artists, the Democratic party, all news agencies except for Fox and Brietbart, all Baldwin brothers except for Stephen, that prick, and anyone who’s name appears in popular baby-naming books.  It’s fairly comprehensive.”

Code Pink estimates the number of people involved in the boycott at nearly seventy-five billion, which is more than the population of the planet.  That’s a huge dent in the market.  But old Elon had some words for them too.

“See if I care.  I’ll make the damn thing into a cute kitten picture page and shovel back my investment.  So nyah nyah.  Now excuse me, I’m going to go get baked.”


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