Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking to the public.  That brave take-no-prisoners attitude is what contributed to her meteoric rise to her position as one heartbeat away from the commander in chief, and what makes her the most popular number two since Al Gore.

Also a popular number two, Baba Booey.

But some critics of the Democrat were angered last week, when during a press-conference, Harris took a moment to celebrate the record number of Americans to be vaccinated under the Biden administration, carping that they had made unprecedented progress against infection by the “Trump Plague.”

Was the insulting term a mild slip of the tongue, or a pre-planned dig at Biden’s predecessor, disgraced and historically twice-impeached former President Donald Trump?  Sandy Batt of Fox News’s Department of Obnoxious Opinion Pushing had thoughts on the matter.

“Well, differing quite a bit from President Biden, Kamala very rarely lets loose a ‘gaffe’, so to speak.  I think she was definitely purposefully trying to remind the American citizenry of Trump’s almost cartoonish sheer incompetence in slowing or treating the spread of the disease from day one.”

“He dissolved the pandemic response team that Barack Obama had left, for no other reason than he was baby-bitch jealous.  He then bragged that it wasn’t a big deal, despite the opposite being explained by professional virologists.  He was literally worse at every turn.  Why WOULDN’T we name this plague after him?  You don’t talk about ‘Typhoid Wherever-Mary-Got-It-from’, do you?”

“Was she that lady in the little Jesus house mom used to put in the lawn on Christmas? Heh.”

In any case, as a result of the press conference, both Harris and Biden saw their popularity polls rise by another five points.  At this time in his Presidency, Trump was at a dismal 28% and yammering something about buying Greenland, for Christ’s sake.

No matter how you feel about the embarrassment of Trump that will permanently stain the history of our country, you have to admit, his replacement has started off well.  I guess 47 years of experience DOES count for something.

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