Police who were in charge of providing security to the Democratic National Convention were kept quite busy during the four day event. Not by protesters, who didn’t care about the event, but by the attendees.

Police uncovered dozens of crimes, committed during the convention, racking up charges and fines.

While many people expect these heavy hitters in the Democratic Party to be on their best behavior, especially during the party’s biggest event, this was not the case. Police and local residents were horrified and annoyed by the democrats who had invaded their town for the four-day convention to nominate Joe Biden.

Chief of Police Joseph Barron was on hand to help his officers provide security for the convention, and was kept on his toes by the rowdy bunch. There were charges of Jaywalking, Buggery, Barratry, and even Branding.

A drunk Nancy Pelosi actually used a hot iron and branded AOC, who was equally drunk, on her bare hindquarters. It was a sight to see.

Several of the older democrats in attendance even planned a train robbery, as they did in the old days before they were elected. They would have done it too, but trains hadn’t run through that part of the city in 45 years.

There were plenty of Four flushers as well. The amount of crime at the DNC was staggering. It was concerning to say the least.

There was plenty of bad dough going around the convention as well. Lots of Glim Grafters too, all on the take.  

They were all looking for the hard stuff. Plenty of cadgers, and lots of clouting. Many flim flammers were also arrested, making this one of the most corrupt and lawless conventions that have ever taken place.

The democrats will never learn to behave themselves, even when it comes to their own best interests. 


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