Los Angeles Police Chief Joseph Barron thought it would be a good idea to ban the display of the Thin Blue Line flag by cops in his city. The flag serves as both a symbol of pride for police as well as a “racist swastika-like travesty,” according to the new order.

“There are cops who have the shirts and collars for their dogs and the beer koozies who genuinely have no idea that it’s being used as a hate symbol by cultists,” Barron said, “I mean…they were beating cops with them on January 6. How is that even possible?”

In response, The Civic Union National Trust Society, which is the non-profit behind most police unions, revoked Barron’s membership and expelled him from the union. “He loses all of his right to litigators should he need to kill someone in the line of duty, and he also loses his pension,” said Union President Art Tubolls, “He can’t disrespect his own officers like this.”

Barron’s position doesn’t require his membership in the union, and he says he couldn’t care less about his pension, because he already bilked the system for $1.6 million by retiring but not really. “All cops are bastards,” reads a sign outside the LA Police Station.

God Bless America.


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