“President Trump is wrong.” That’s what Mike Pence, who was supposed to be our greatest president’s staunchest ally, said to the Federalist Society. He stood before God and the patriotic conservative Americans who truly serve him and declared himself a traitor.

And for that, Mike Pence will pay the price.

“I’ll take him for everything he has.”

President Trump isn’t messing around with this one. Legal experts say that if he doesn’t get ahead of this blasphemy, Pence may be called before Congress to testify, which would be “devastating to the President’s Public Image.”

Trump, of course, had nothing to do with January 6th and only demanded that Mike Pence do the right thing and overturn the election on his behalf, unilaterally, in what would quickly become a joint session of Congress.

Pence could have and should have done that. The fact that he didn’t, and then said he couldn’t, is defamation of Trump’s good character. Is he trying to say Trump would lie directly to the American people?

We all know that’s just preposterous. Biden has told more lies his first year in office than any president before him. The image the Democrats paint of a God-fearing, honest Biden is just a crock of doody, patriots.

God bless America.

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