The Proud Boys, a conservative group known for its patriotic support of President Donald Trump, suffered a blow in a copyright case that was heard in the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court.

The group of patriots, who are well known across the country for their gatherings, were shocked by the loss.

“It just sucks,” said leader Gavin “Plug” McInnes.

McInnes, who has a podcast, was on his knees in the court, pleading his case. He has always given his all to the group, never receiving a thing, except for one incident on air.

He took it hard.

He felt like he and his group had been given the shaft by the court, who were very rigid in their decision to hand the name over to an LBGT group. He couldn’t believe how easily the liberal court just slid in and had their way with his creation.

It’s almost like they rejected the group’s manhood, treating them like lowly boys instead.

The Proud Boys knew they were behind, but they pushed in and on anyway. This was how they supported America and our president.

This was the name that America came to know them by, and it was being stripped of them by a bunch of liberals.  How dare they shove this decision down the throats of these patriots?

This wasn’t fair. McInnes reached around to his head attorney asking him how this could ever have happened. It’s like they were being ramrodded by the liberal court.

Joseph Barron, a copyright lawyer,  said the case was open and shut. The Proud Boys’ name originally came from a biker club in the 70s started by men in leather and chaps, and not much else.

These bikers were proud of who they were, and they let people know.  They were an inclusive club, even letting men join who were curious about the leather lifestyle.

This court decision is yet another setback for right-wing patriots who like to dress up like fake soldiers and parade around. Many of them have finally been kicked out of their mothers’ basements, and their Xbox live accounts canceled and no longer paid for.

The ones who do have jobs are realizing it’s hard to make it on a menial salary. They could join the military, but that’s too much like actual work. You know what they say.

“Too cowardly for the military but brave enough for Walmart”.


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