Country Music Television (CMT) is currently moving toward adding Jason Aldean’s controversial “Try That In a Small Town” video back to its regular schedule. First, however, the network had to take care of some internal business.

Sandy Jerdusky, the longtime Program Director at CMT and the woke liberal who canceled the video has been fired and replaced with up-and-coming radio personality Joe Barron. Jerdusky made the decision to pull the video himself, the network said in a statement.

“We don’t know why Sandy would make a unilateral decision,” the statement read, “but whatever the reason, it was contrary to country values.”

Jerdusky, well into his 70s, will likely retire from the business.

ALLOD Correspondent Art Tubolls caught up with Program Director Barron and asked a few pertinent questions. Unable to answer most because of company non-disclosure agreements, he was able to confirm that the image of the guy in his old job combined with the name is rather disturbing. “I have some questions about some lost time at a Christmas party,” said Barron, “but otherwise he seemed like a pretty nice guy.”

CMT says it shouldn’t take long to get the video back in rotation. “We’re currently running one or two extra episodes of the Durham Show to get us by,” said Barron, “It sure will be nice to have…what’s his…oh yeah…Jason. It’ll be sure nice to have Jason. Back.”

All’s well that ends well, patriots. God Bless America.


  1. Linda Sternaman

    The only reason he was fired and replaced was because the other Country singers were backing him and they were loosing money!

    • Jenny H.

      This is a parody site! Learn to read up on things! Don’t be foolish!

  2. Ace Sanders

    Really happy that CMT is finally siding with WHITE AMERICANS! This Antifa/BLM junk is destroying the country

  3. D

    Too late I will never listen to CMT again.

  4. Sarah Porter

    Where is the apology? That goes a long way with some people!

    • Ace Sanders

      Blacks don’t know how to apologize. Only to destroy

      • Cathy Crawford

        Keep it nice. Let’s try and come together and fix the media generated issues going on today.

      • fredn

        I encountered a Black American once. He didn’t even give me a thank-you wave when I let him cut in front of me in traffic. The fact that I had my 4-way flashers on because my pickup truck had a flat tire shouldn’t have mattered.

  5. Cathy Crawford

    I hope he pulls all his music from CMT. See how much money they loose without one of their all time biggest country artists.

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