Whoopi Goldberg thought it would be funny to counter Kid Rock’s fiery condemnation of Bud Light’s wokeness by serving the beverage to her audience. The problem was, the audience included minors.

Goldberg instructed the show’s interns to distribute a cold cup of Bud Light to everyone in the audience. What she didn’t do was instruct them to first check to make sure everyone was old enough to drink.

“It’s an adult audience,” said Whoopi, “because we sometimes use foul language between segments. So there shouldn’t be an issue. There couldn’t have been children in the audience.”

She’s wrong. Not only were two of the girls served only seventeen, but one boy who looks a bit old for his age was only 12 years old. “Is that the kind of thing The View allows?”

Law enforcement should have been called immediately, but for some reason, Whoopi and her gang of hooligans got away with it again. The show’s producer, Joe Barron, said the segment was just a publicity stunt and that we should all “just calm down.”

There won’t be any calm from conservatives until people like Whoopi stop grooming our children to be transgender alcoholics. Not in our great nation. God Bless America.


  1. Skipper Lakerocks

    Mr. Eagleton, I have some additional background for this story. i happen to KNOW that Whoopi Goldberg serves alcohol on a spaceship and never asks for ID. I’ve seen it on my TV. Funny hat and all. Didn’t fool me.



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